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Creating a Portfolio Project

To begin creating your portfolio projects, head to Portfolio > Add New in your WordPress Dashboard. Please note your admin area may appear differently, do not be alarmed.

Creating a project is very similar to a regular WordPress post, in essence you have the regular content area (where you could write a description of your work/your process etc), and gallery area where you can upload the images of your awesome project, and a featured image area (the featured image, much like a regular WP post, used to represent your portfolio item within Portfolio feeds and archive pages/searches etc. We will now detail each area.

Portfolio Item Layout Options

When creating a portfolio item, you will notice an area below the main content editor where you will see a few extra fields like you see in the image below – we will now take a look at what these do.

Portfolio Layout

Once you have added you prjects images, you will need to choose a layout – this dropdown allows you to do to. One thing to bare in mind is if you are using the “Case Study” layout, the gallery images are not used so you will need to add your images to the main content area much like a regular WP post – for an example of this please see the video above.

Feature Content Images

Here you can add your portfolio images to your project. The way these are displayed is dependant on the layout you choose,

YouTube URL/Video ID

Here you can add add either a full video URL for a YouTube/Vimeo video if your using the fullscreen layout, or just the ID if your using the simple video layout.

Additional Details

This area allows you to enter extra details about your project is a Title/Description manner like you see in the demo. Simply add your desired title and text and if you want to add more you can do so via the “add button” as many times as you wish.

Featured Image

Upload a featured image. The images will be automatically applied throughout all the necessary templates and loops so be sure to pick the best shot to represent your work.