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Although we take the greatest care to make the setup process as simple as possible, in some cases (especially on budget hosting where resources and at a bare minimum) you may experience an issue during the automatic setup – this section covers an alternative fallback method you can use should the need arise.

Importing The Demo Data Manually

The first thing we need to clarify is setting up manually will mean things like widgets and theme options wont be setup for you – this is unavoidable but it will still give you a great base of all the demo pages ready for you to start building your new site.

To begin, install Attachment Importer – this is a lightweight importing tool for images and will be needed later on to import the demo images/media. Once done, head to Tools > Import and select WordPress to open up WPs built in importing tool (you may need to install it to continue)

Uploading the XML File

Next you will need to locate the themes demo-data.xml file, this will be included in the Demo Data folder in your main download package. Once located select this file and hit “upload”. Next you will see a page which will allow you to choose if you wish to assign the demo posts to another user, as well as an option to import all media and attachments – be sure to leave this box unchecked as we will be taking care of this later (and want the import to be as light as possible to be more likley to work)

Once done you will see a notice informing you the operation is complete.

Importing the Images

Now you have the pages imported, its time to tackle the images. If you have not already done so, install and activate Attachment Importer and once done, head to Tools > Import and select the newly added Attachment Import from the list of tools to continue.

Once here, locate the demo XML file and upload – once done hit “Import” and allow the process to take place. Depending on the number of images this process will take some time, so be sure to leave your browser alone whilst its happening (though you can of course open another tab and continue to browse freely)