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Creating menus within WordPress is very simple, and WP gives you a couple of methods to do this. We suggest using the dedicated menu page found under Appearance > Menus, however you are also free to use the menu management system found within the theme customizer/options page (Appearance > Customize)

Creating Menus

Once you’re viewing the Menus, the process of creating a menu is quite easy – essentially you create your menu item from the columns on the left (this can be a link to a post, page or other form of content) or even a custom link using the “Custom Link” menu item, you can see both in the image below. Once you have created your perfect menu, be sure to assign it to the Standard Navigation area and hit save to see it in action.

Creating Dropdown Menus

An important aspect to note when using our theme is the process of creating dropdowns/sub menus is the top level item (the menu item in the main menu area you click/hover to activate the sub-menu) needs to be a “Custom Link” menu item with a URL of just # – this allows the dropdown to work fully on both desktops and mobiles where ‘hovering’ is not available.

Creating Mega Menus

As you can see in our demo the theme includes a neat mega menu. Building your own is very simple – just like building a regular WP menu – but you do need to add some key text/classes which we will detail below

To begin, start by creating your top-level item (the item the user clicks to open the sub menu) – being sure to use simply # as the URL like you see below

Once done, in the newly added top level item’s decription field, enter ‘mega-menu’

Now, lets add a column to our mega menu – just like a top level item, create a fresh menu item with the URL of just # – once done, add it as a child of your top level item and in the CSS class field, enter ‘mega-menu-column’ – like this

From here you can simply add menu items to the column (as child items) as you wish – so your resulting menu will look something like this